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Judul : Farm Management Responses to Natural Disaster a Case Study: Mount Sinabung Eruption in North Sumatra, Indonesia
Penulis : Jongkers Tampubolon, Albina Ginting, Hotden L. Nainggolan, Johndikson Aritonang
Tahun Terbit : 2017
Abstrak :

       Indonesia is a disaster-prone country. One of the volcanic disasters having been ongoing for a quite long time is the Mount Sinabung eruption in Karo Regency, North Sumatera. This region is the producer of horticultural products (fruits and vegetables), giving an agricultural contribution of 60% to the Gross Regional Domestic Product. By employing the Farm-Household Model Approach, the research conducted aims at studying (i) farmers’ responses toward the direct impacts of disasters on their farming, (ii) the socioconomic conditions that have indirect impacts on the farm management and (iii) the adaptation patterns used for overcoming the adverse effects of Sinabung eruption. The empirican findings show several impacts resulted from the eruption, among others (i) reduction in the area of land cultivated, (ii) reduction in the horticultural production, (iii) rise in the production cost and (iv) reduction in the farm income. The financial condition has been very bad that chili, tomato and carrot farming is no longer feasible, and even bears loss (R/C < 1). The socioeconomic conditions like infrastructure damage, distrubance of social relation, unavailability of pay workers in the agricultural sector and loss of access to credit of business previously provided by local informal financial institutions, have jeopardized farm management. To control the economic damage, farmers undergo technical adaptation by procuring water pumps for flushing the dust on the crops every day and by setting up nets to prevent pest outbreak. Besides, crop conversion from horticultural crops to staple food crops such as corn and dry land paddy, the cultivation of which does not require intensive labor but yields low production, is done. The crop conversion has disturbed the stability of farm household subsistency and existence, which have been supported by crop combination and rotational system with a plant hierarchy pattern.

Key words: Mount Sinabung Eruption, Farm Household Model, Natural Disaster and Agriculture, North Sumatra


Farm Management Responses to Natural Disaster a Case Study: Mount Sinabung Eruption in North Sumatra, Indonesia - International Journal of Agriculture and Biosciences Vol. 6(4) 2017, p-ISSN 2305-6622, e-ISSN 2306-3599


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