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Dear potential UHN student

Thank you for considering the University of HKBP Nommensen (UHN).
Choosing a university is an important decision.  After all, the choice of the school you attend could significantly affect your life.  However, the decision and process need not be daunting.  When considering a university, look for one that is right for you – that matches your interests, that provides the right type of environment for you to learn and grow, and that will provide an enjoyable and rewarding experience.  UHN is a leading university that attracts students from around the globe. UHN combines the prestige of a big-name university with a hands-on, collaborative education.

For undergraduate students, UHN with its collaborators, such as the National Tsing Hua University (NTHU) Taiwan, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee, etc, offers a world class education built upon a unique interdisciplinary curriculum enriched with hands-on experience with cutting-edge projects and research conducted in exceptional facilities.  At UHN, learning is not confined to the classroom.  Internships and overseas student exchanges, entrepreneurial activities, and a variety of student-organizations will add considerably to your education.  UHN will prepare you for an exciting career in industry, government, or continuing your education in graduate school.

For graduate students, UHN will be a centre for learning, knowledge creation and dissemination - a melting pot for scholarship and practice.  UHN will provide you with a stimulating environment to participate in meaningful leading-edge research with NTHU, NTUST, etc  and industry partners.

For the right type of student,  UHN will be just the right type of university. To be sure, we need to understand one another – what our values are, what makes us come alive. As important as grades are, a handful of numbers alone do not tell the full story. To help us understand one another better requires more, so please tell us about yourself and your interests in your application.

As you embark on this exciting and sometimes challenging journey of self-discovery, we would like to be your companion. We hope the years you spend with us will be meaningful and transformational.

As you complete your application form, remember to be yourself – and have fun. To complete your registration please fill out the application form here.


Type of Indonesian Visa

At the moment, Indonesian Immigration Office has not yet introduced student visa valid for the whole period of study for full-time students. However, there are several types of visa that are available to choose from based on students’ or faculties’ needs. Please read carefully and decide which fits the best for your visit purposes.

There are four types of visa recommended for international students:

1.Limited Stay Permit Visa (VITAS – Visa Ijin Tinggal Terbatas) – Recommended for Exchange Students

Valid for 6 – 12 months. Students must start applying for this visa at least 2-3 months before arrival and must report to immigration within 5 days upon arrival to Indonesia (first entry must be Jakarta). Single entry to begin with but can apply for multiple entry in Indonesia. Only available for those who submit the application by the deadline. Limited Stay Visa (VITAS) is a visa for a visit that is related to study, work and to other purposes such as investment, research, family unification, performance, sport, social activities, retired/senior citizen, etc. Students or Faculties can apply this visa at home country. However, this visa will be final and granted upon authorization from the Indonesian Immigration in Indonesia.

This type of visa is highly recommended for international students who wish to participate in student exchange program, undergraduate, graduate and doctoral program at BINUS. The visa shall be valid for 12 months (one year) and could be extended and renewed annually (extension and renewal subject to national education department and immigration approval).

This visa needs to be processed at least 2-3 months before arrival. Within a week of arrival, student/faculty must report to immigration office where she/he is supposed to reside to finalize the visa process and to obtain the temporary permit (KIMS/KITAS). Receiving the temporary permit (KIMS/KITAS), visa holder will automatically obtain the single/multiple exit re-entry permit (MERP) from the Immigration in Indonesia if planning to exit and re-enter Indonesia within the period of valid stay permit. Before leaving Indonesia permanently, visa holder must report to immigration office 2 weeks before departure to apply for Exit Permit Only (EPO).

A visa agent fee is required to assist with finalization and required procedures related to this visa in Indonesia. Please contact BINUS International Office for details.

This type of visa requires Study Permit Letter from the Ministry of Education and Culture of Republic Indonesia and also authorization (TELEX) from the Directorate General of Immigration of Republic of Indonesia which will be sent to the Embassy /Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia in designated country.In order to get these authorizations, international students must start processing the initial steps 2-3 months before their arrival.

2.Socio Cultural Visit Visa (VKSB – Visa Kunjungan Social Budaya)

Valid for 60 days to begin with and can be extended every 30 days for 4 times consecutively (for a total of 180 days). Single entry only. Students can apply for VKSB multiple times. Social Culture Visit Visa (VKSB) is only for single entry, which means that applicant could only use the visa one time to enter Indonesia. This visa may be issued for those who want to visit Indonesia and stay longer than 60 days. The visa shall be valid for 60 days to begin with and can be extended for 30 days for not more than 4 (four) time consecutively. It means that this visa eligible for up to 180 days (extension subject to immigration approval).

Social Culture Visit Visa (VKSB) is recommended for exchange students who wish to participate in student exchange program at BINUS

3.Visa On Arrival (VOA)

In accordance with the Regulation of Minister of Law and Human Right of the Republic of Indonesia Number: M.HH-01.GR.01.06, on January 12, 2010, citizen from 63 countries and 1 region are eligible for obtaining Visa on Arrival (VOA). Visa on Arrival can be obtained directly when you land at certain airports and seaport in Indonesia regardless of the purpose of your visits (Business, Tourist, Social). This visa is neither a work visa nor a visitation visa. Therefore, it cannot be converted to obtain other immigration permits. This visa is valid for 30 days and can be extended for maximum another 30 days.

Please visit Embassy/Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia Official Website for eligibility and details related to this visa.


Citizens from 45 countries are given Non-Visa Short Term Visit for purposes of holiday, exhibition, tourism, business, and social-culture and valid for 30 (thirty) days. This Visa could not be converted, extended or used to obtain other immigration permit.

Those 45 countries are as follows:

1    Austria

2.   Bahrain

3.   Belgium

4.   Brunei

5    Cambodia

6.   Canada

7.   Chile

8.   China

9.   Czech Republic

10.  Denmark

11.  Ecuador

12.  Finland

13.  France

14.  Germany

15.  Hong Kong      

16.  Hungary           

17.  Italy

18.  Japan

19.  Kuwait

20.  Laos

21.  Macau

22.  Malaysia

23.  Mexico

24.  Morocco

25.  Myanmar

26.  Netherlands

27.  New Zealand

28.  Norway

29.  Oman

30.  Peru            

31.  Philippines            

32.  Poland

33.  Qatar

34.  Russia

35.  Singapore

36.  South Africa

37.  South Korea

38.  Spain

39.  Sweden

40.  Switzerland

41.  Thailand

42.  United Arab Emirates

43.  United Kingdom

44.  United States

45.  Vietnam            

Below are the available link for your reference about the visa.

·  Visa General Information

·  Directorate General of Immigration of Republic of Indonesia in Jakarta, Indonesia 

·  Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education

·  The Embassy/Consulate General of Republic of Indonesia

Please contact OIA for further assistance about visa and legal advice and arrangements.

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