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All new students should go to the Office of International Affairs (OIA) to complete the registration procedure on the appointed date of enrollment for the respective academic year (Enrollment Date is announced in the Enrollment Notice for the respective academic year through email). Late registration might result in the annulment of a student’s admission.
Please submit the following documents on the day of enrollment :
Completed Student Information Form. Please attach a photocopy of your visa, KITAS, Health Insurance Card, and passport to the forms where applicable.

1. Photocopy of Indonesian Scholarship Certificate (Applicable to Indonesia Scholarship Recipients only)

2. Photocopy of your Bank Account Statement (Applicable to UHN Scholarship recipients only)

3. 2 recent photos. Please write your registration no. on the back of the photos.

4. Verified transcripts/diplomas/degrees: Non-Indonesia transcripts / diplomas / degrees must be verified by the Indonesia Embassy, Consulate, or Representative Office in the country of the institution where the transcripts/diplomas/degrees were issued.

* If some of the required documents are not available on the day of enrollment, new students may submit copies to OIA staff as soon as the documents are available.

To know more about UHN in your coming, you should read carefully the International Student Handbook, please download here.

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