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If you are studying at one of University of HKBP Nommensen’s partner institutions and you would like to undertake an exchange program for one or two semesters at UHN, please contact your International Office at your home institution first to discuss your eligibility.

As an exchange student, you do not need to pay the tuition fee at UHN, we also provide the scholarship for you. However, you will be responsible to pay the tuition fee at your home university and personal/living expenses during the exchange program.

Once your home institution has approved your nomination, you will need to apply directly to UHN by filling out Application Form and submit the hard copy along with the required documents to UHN International Offile.

Please consider to the point below:
1. Fact Sheet of Incoming Exchange Student - UHN Indonesia (Clik Here
2. Aplication Form of Incoming Exchange Students (Click here)

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