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Judul : Achievement of students mathematical resilience through problem based learning model with metacognitive approach
Penulis : Dr. Agusmanto JB Hutauruk, M.Si
Tahun Terbit : 2019
Abstrak :

Abstract.This paper discusses the effect of the Problem Based Learning model with the Metacognitive approach (PBLM) on achieving students mathematical resilience. This study also discusses the interaction between learning models with mathematical prior knowledge towards mathematical resilience abilities. This research is a quantitative study, with two classes as research subjects namely the experimental class and the control class. The research instrument uses a scale of mathematical resilience, interview guidelines, and observation sheets. Research findings obtained include: (1) the learning model used does not have a significant difference to the achievement of mathematical resilience, both overall and based on the mathematical prior knowledge (MPK) (2) the achievement of mathematical resilience abilities of students who get learning with PBLM learning models is not significantly better than students who get conventional learning as a whole or based on MPK, and (3) there is no effect of interaction between the learning model used with MPK on achieving students' mathematical resilience abilitie

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