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Volume 3 No 1 August 2016

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The Episteme - Journal of Linguistics and Literature (JLL)

Volume 3 No 1 August 2016

ISSN   2442-9392 (Print )  ISSN  2460-3236   (Online)




Comparative  study  of compound words in English and Indonesian             

Fransiska Napitupulu



The Analysis Of Ambiguity Found In Emily Dickinson’s Poems                       Sitanggang Ramot T.B

36- 56


The Study Of Adjective Phrase In The Seventeen Magazines’ Articles

Tiara Pasaribu Roland Ompusunggu


57 -79


Language Style Found in Indonesian Movies                                                   

Simamora Maraden



Process Types of Transitivity System in the National Geographic’s Articles

Rotua Pangaribuan , Lidia April Yanti Marbun



                 The Study of Presupposition in Enoch Powell’s Speech

Immanuel Gintings Rosmawati, Mega

124 168

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Comparative  study  of compound words in English and Indonesian

Fransiska Napitupulu



Compound words cause some difficulty in post-coordinate indexing systems: if too many are fractured, or the wrong categories are selected for fracturing, noise will be produced at unacceptable levels on retrieval. Various prior suggestions for handling compound terms are examined which include those for precoordinated or rotated, indexes.The syntactic origins are also explored and it is found that many compound words hinge on a prepositional relationship between the components, and that this relationship can be applied to decision making. Other compound words are in effect abbreviated statements from longer phrases, while some are influenced by the presence of a verb-like form. The rules have some bearing on the application of roles especially if these are employed on a pre-coordinate basis.

Keywords : Compound words, Parts of Compound Words in English, Parts of Compound Words in Indonesian

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The Analysis Of Ambiguity Found In Emily Dickinson’s Poems

Sitanggang Ramot T.B




This is study about ambiguity as found in Emily Dickinson’s Poems. This thesis focused on type of ambiguity which was conducted to discover the type of ambiguity as proposed by Katz. There are four type of ambiguity in this thesis. They are: Phonetic, Structural, Referential, and Lexical Ambiguity. Ten poems were taken as the sample of this research. The writer applied Katz’s theory in this research. There are 66 ambiguous sentences were analyzed in this research which was found in those ten poems. Phonetic ambiguity and structural ambiguity is not applied in Emily Dickinson’s poems. The most dominant type of ambiguity is Lexical ambiguity with 40(60.60%) occurrences and followed by Referential Ambiguity with 26(39.39%) occurrences. It’s mean that lexical ambiguity occurs in lexeme. Lexical ambiguity also known as semantic ambiguity because it is based on meaning .

Keywords : ambiguity, Lexical ambiguity, Referential Ambiguity

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The Study Of Adjective Phrase In The Seventeen Magazines’ Articles 

Roland Ompusunggu




The Research analysis is focused on the analysis of adjective phrase in the Seventeen Magazine’s articles. Descriptive qualitative analysis is used to accumulate the data. The objectives of this research are to find out the five grammatical functions of adjective phrase, how many the adjective phrases are used in the sentences, and the most domynant type of adjective phrase in the sentences found in all of the articles of Seventeen Magazines. The writer finds that the five main grammatical functions of adjective phrase in the sentences are as follows: as adjective phrase head, noun phrase modifier, subject complement, object complement and appositive. And the most domynant type of the five main grammatical functions of adjective phrase which used in the Seventeen Magazine’s articles is adjective phrase functioning as object complement.

Keywords : Adjective Phrase, The Five Grammatical Functions of Adjective Phrase,  Seventeen Magazines’ articles.

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 Language Style Found in Indonesian Movies 




The research entitled “Language Style Found In Indonesia Movie” is intended to identify kinds of language style and tries to find the most dominant language style usage employed on the Five Indonesian movies. The writer use the Martin Joos Theory (1967) “the five types are Frozen style, Formal style, Consultative style, Casual style and Intimate style. The researches collects the data from Five DVD of Indonesian movies“ LaskarPelangi (The rainbow troops), HabibiedanAinun (Habibie and Ainun), Sang Pencerah (The Enlightener), Skandal (The Scandal) and Ada ApaDenganCinta” (What’s Up With Love). The writer using the noting technique by taking a note in collecting the data, the writer applies the descriptive method to describe and to analyze all the data, because the data of this research are in the form of words. It is analyzed by identifying, analyzing, and categorizing, the data. The writeralso note the frequency of the number of the kind of language style and the most dominant language style. Based on the result of the research, there are five language styles of found in Indonesian movies. They are 3.6% Frozen style, 12.5 % Formal style, 19.4% Consultative style, 6.7% Casual style, 3.8% Intimate style. Based on the percentage of the dominant language style used is Casual. The writer suggestfor students of English Department ,English teacher and lecturers, to improve their knowledge of language style For scriptwriter , to improve the Indonesian movies to be well known by language style that I have analyzed from five Indonesian movies that casual style make the movies to be more interesting for people who watches Indonesian movies to know  what style used most interesting in the movies dialogue

Keywords : Language style, Frozen Style, Formal Style, Consultative Style, Casual Style, Intimate Style

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Process Types of Transitivity System in the National Geographic’s Articles 

Marbun, Lidia April Yanti




This study deals with the process types of transitivity found in the National Geographic’s Articles. The objectives of this study is conducted to identify the process types and to find out the dominant process. This study is conducted by applying descriptive qualitative research design. All the process types of transitivity system are found in the National Geographic, they are material, mental, relational, behavioral, verbal and existential process. There are 1415 processes of five articles in the National Geographic. The occurrences of material process is 791 i.e. 56.0%, mental process is 84 i.e. 6.0%, relational process is 347 i.e. 24.5%, behavioural process is 49 i.e. 3.4%, verbal process is 118 i.e. 8.3%, and existential process is 26 i.e. 1.8%.The most dominant process of five articles in the National Geographic is material process with 791 i.e. 56.0% occurrences. The highest proportion usage of material process implies that articles in the National Geographic mostly tells about the experience of human’s of physical action, about the external world, things, events, qualities, etc and concern with the question of what did human do and what happened in the world. Thus, it is suggested to English Department students, to get the understanding that the six process types of transitivity has different meaning in representing the clause in English, they suggested to learn more about process types of transitivity in order to be able to analyze by using the transitivity system in text or discourse written in English. To the readers, to know that material proces is mostly found in the National Geographic articles so that they get easily understand the meaning representated by the dominant process in relation that material process is process of doing. And to the further researchers, as the contribution concerning process types of transitivity system, they can enhance by conducting the similar topic viewed from other points of view to get more accurate analysis.

Keywords : process types of transitivity, National Geographic’s Articles

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The Study of Presupposition in Enoch Powell’s Speech

Rosmawati, Mega



This research studies about the types of Presupposition found in two speeches of John Enoch Powell. The six types of presupposition were analyzed based the theory of George Yule (1996). The types are Existential Presupposition, Factive Presupposition, Lexical Presupposition, Structural Presupposition, Non-factive Presupposition, and Counterfactual Presupposition. The objectives of this research are to find out what types are used in the two speeches and what type is dominantly used. In doing this research, the writer used Mixed Research Design to analyze the data. The data of this thesis are the speeches of a politician.The data were taken from the famous speeches of Enoch Powell and the writer limited them on two most famous speeches, they are the River of Blood Speech and his Parliamentary Speech. The finding of this research shows that 5 (five) types were found in the speeches and 1 (one) type was not found. From the two speeches, the writer found 74 (seventy four) sentences in The River of Blood Speech and 251 (two hundred fifty one) sentences in the Parliamentary Speech. So the total is 325 (three hundred twenty five) sentences that contain the Presupposition. There are 248 (two hundred forty eight) noun phrase and possessive construction of Existential Presupposition (76.31%), 7 (seven) sentences of Factive Presupposition (2.15%), 18 (eighteen) sentences of Lexical Presupposition (5.54%), 9 (nine) sentences of Structural Presupposition (2.77%), and 43 (forty three) sentences of Counterfactual Presupposition (13.23%). The type that was not found is the Non-factive presupposition. The most dominant type that is used in the speeches of Enoch Powell is Existential Presupposition. By this research, the writer suggests the readers of this research, the listeners of a speech, the politician and the next researcher that understanding the meaning of Presupposition is an important thing. Understanding the Presupposition and its types will reduce the misunderstanding in a communication and give more information than just stated.

Keywords : types of presupposition, Non-factive presupposition, and counterfactual presupposition

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