More About Office of International Affairs

Success in internationalizing requires the deep and diverse expertise provided by the Office of International Affairs as the institutional anchor for enhancing and disseminating knowledge about the regions, cultures, languages, and significant issues of the world. The Office of International Affairs adds crucial value to UHN's aspirations as a globalized academic institution committed to responsible international engagement.


The University of HKBP Nommensen (UHN) is committed to becoming a preeminent global university - one which prepares its students and faculty to actively participate in knowledge-based collaborations around the world. As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, universities across the nation are embracing the value of integrating international dimensions across their campuses, pursuing partnerships around the world, and exploring opportunities around the world. As UHN strives to enhance its presence around the world, it is committed to prepare its students to excel in the global marketplace, pursue partnerships around the world, and collaborate on the solution of local and global issues based on UHN's expertise. The university plans to expand its global reach by:

1)Developing an international experience for undergraduate, graduate and professional students
2)Promoting scholarship on major global issues
3)Increasing the percentage of international faculty and students
4)Creating international dual degree programs
5)Developing an international physical presence
6)Promoting collaboration with UHN's international business ventures

As part of UHN's international strategy, the Office of International Affairs is responsible for cultivating and nurturing the growth of global perspectives at UHN.


As UHN enhances its mission for high distinction in teaching, research and engagement, the Office of International Affairs provides leadership and innovation to facilitate international opportunities for our students and faculty, and makes educational resources accessible for the campus, our international guests, and the community beyond. We also stimulate activities that celebrate diverse cultures, foster the exchange of ideas, serve as the central information hub for international activities, and support the growing international dimension of UHN.


The Office of International Affairs administers UHN study abroad programs, and provides a wide variety of support services to those students studying abroad independently, conducting field research, participating in a service learning programs or internships. These programs give students an opportunity to become involved in cross-cultural interaction and enjoy a rewarding educational experience in many different fields. A variety of options are available to support and augment students' progress in their curriculum. There are short-term study programs in conjunction with an academic course to longer experiences such as 10 week to year-long stays in an international environment. The Office of International Affairs help students learn about what programs are available around the world, how to earn college credit, how to affordably finance their study abroad program, and what to expect when they arrive in another country and when they return home to UHN. The Office of International Affairs provides support for campus internationalization initiatives and the development of education abroad opportunities. Study Abroad staff members provide guidance and expert consultation for developing international programs, university-wide study abroad advising, management and business services for study abroad programming, and risk management oversight. Study Abroad services include:

1)Expert consultation to faculty on mechanics of establishing international education opportunities
2)University-wide guidance to students about study abroad, internship abroad and research abroad opportunities
3)Promotion of international opportunities through classroom presentations to students, residence hall groups, and student organizations
4)Providing information on best practices in risk management for international locations
5)Business service support for all UHN sponsored study abroad programs
6)Keeping UHN connected to the international education community
7)Expert consultation to faculty and students for all international education opportunities


The Office of International Affairs supports and administers grants for faculty research on international themes and scholarships for students to study abroad either as part of a group or independently, or to conduct research or pursue internships in other parts of the world. Special events held throughout the year support the international dimension of the UHN campus. The Office of International Affairs sponsors cultural events such as:

1)Taste of UHN
2)International Education Week
3)International Photography Exhibition
4)International Scholar Research Exposition
5)Study Abroad Expo

These enable the campus community to experience different cultures, learn more about international opportunities, and make new friends in a fun and inviting atmosphere.


The Office of International Affairs helps facilitate the development of formalized Memoranda of Agreement and coordinates the visit of international delegations to UHN. Formal agreements with international institutions are critical tools to enhance collaborative instruction, scholarship, and research for faculty and students. Frequently an outcome of individual faculty initiatives, such agreements help build a strong alliance and collaborative spirit among UHN and its academic departments with universities and other learning institutions around the world.


Engaging teachers and students in learning more about international cultures plays a vital role in broadening global perspectives. Outreach programming that focuses on language, culture, and interactive themes are tailor-made to teach a wide variety of audiences about life in another country. A host of global education resources is available for teachers, including in-service workshops, study abroad opportunities to experience the language and culture firsthand, video loan libraries, as well as exhibits that can be used in the classroom.